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[Vietnamese Folk/Traditional/Zither] Việt Hồng - Tiếng Đàn Tranh (2010) [FLAC]

Viet Hong - The Sound Of Tranh (2010)
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The Đàn Tranh (彈箏), also known as the Dan Thap Luc (has 16 strings), is a traditional Vietnamese plucked, stringed instrument. It has a wooden body and steel strings, each of which is supported by a bridge in the shape of an inverted "V". It is similar to the Chinese guzheng and the only difference is that the guzheng has only one line of bridges, whereas this instrument has two.

Music for the Đàn Tranh is usually light and cheerful. It is most often played as a solo instrument, but is also used to accompany poetry recitals or Cai Luong drama. It may also be part of an orchestra or chamber group. (Wikipedia)

01. Hương Sen Đồng Tháp (Dong Thap Lotus Seed Pod)
02. Tứ Đại Cảnh (Vietnamese Court Of Hue)
03. Xang Xừ Líu (Renovated Opera's Music Piece)
04. Lá Thư Tiền Tuyến (Letter From Front Line)
05. Tò Vò (A Music Piece Of Cheo - Vietnamese Popular Opera)
06. Xuân Quê Hương (Motherland's Spring)
07. Dạo Nam - Hành Vân (Vietnamese Court Of Hue)
08. Lới Lơ (A Music Piece Of Cheo - Vietnamese Popular Opera)
09. Trường Tương Tư (Renovated Opera's Music Piece)
10. Sang Xuân (In To Spring)

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